How can you identify the artist of a painting?

How can you identify the artist of a painting?

Art can be a part of the fascinating things for people to glance at and see. While there are different kinds of arts, the ones people seem to appreciate the most are the arts of craft and paintings. Craft arts are those that are built and structured with real objects but paintings are the ones that comes from liquids that are arranged logically on a flat surface to describe something in details. An event can either be memorable or vice versa and can tell a story but an issue still stands. How can a person identity the author of a painting? Because, until you find out who painted an image, you might not fully understand what it means.

If you think discovering who painted

If you think discovering who painted a picture is difficult, you couldn’t be more wrong as there are easier ways to funding who painted an image. Searching for an artist of an image can actually be fun for people as it brings about a sense of adventure however little. There are plenty of ways to identify an artist of a painting as there are plenty of resources you can look through. Some of those resources available makes finding artists easy plus fun to do.

You can use a narrowing down

You can use a narrowing down method which is a bit simple for anybody to do as you could just look at the painting, try to understand what it is describing and the style used to represent the painting. It will just be like when FBI agents are narrowing down criminals, it’s even similar to this actually. You can look at the style because different periods and cultures paint differently. After doing that, you can also narrow down the type of paint used, either it’s water color, eggs or oils as all these can help in identifying the artist. If you understand the style, the period with the paint tool, you’re already over 70% close to the artist.

How can you identify the artist of a painting?

The internet in general can help you with identifying the artist of a painting and it couldn’t be easier. When you have a painting in your possession, a person may visit online forums to ask for the artist as the best thing is that you may receive your answer in a couple of minutes. There is the signature method where you just type out the letters of the signature and then find similar signatures of artists on websites like artistssignatures dot com. Even if those don’t help, a person can visit a painting auction website to visit their artists section to see similar images.

Part of the methods that can be used to identify the artist is Google image search. Yes, a person may use Google image search to find out similar images to in turn discover who painted the picture. This may seem unorthodox to people but it could be a part of the easiest methods available. All there is to do is visit Google search website to upload your picture, click on the search button and watch the magic happen. With this method, a person might get the artist’s details within minutes.

Another option that has not been discussed is books and yes, somebody might find out the artist of a painting by simply going back to your books. There are plenty of books available that contains the database of the difference signatures of different artists. You can get said books by purchasing them online or by just visiting your nearby libraries. This method is not only easy but might bring you closer to the history of other artists and their achievements.

There is also the option of visiting the museum of fine arts and this would seem like the last resort to anybody as it’s still an option. Those museums have research facilities and could assist them in identifying the artist of a painting. Truthfully, they wouldn’t be called museums if they didn’t have these facilities, going there could help you in identifying the artist quicker. All the methods listed above have been tried by several others and if you need such, you could apply any of these methods. At least, there are lots of advantages that can come with finding out who the artist is, applying these methods wouldn’t hurt at all.