Nothing is Perfect, not even Height

Nothing is Perfect, not even Height

Your height is influenced by several factors from biological, genetic to environmental factors. It is therefore safe to say there is little you can do to change it. Height can influence a person’s destiny, it can open some times close doors for you, but like the saying goes nothing is perfect, height whether tall or short comes with its good it’s bad and even its ugly.

Being tall is naturally associated with greatness or dominance, as a result the tall ones are more likely to exhibit confidence and high self-esteem. This will have them easily land positions of power and influence. Good jobs translate to good income, with money and power, taller men have an upper hand as compared to their shorter counterparts. Bigger individuals score higher on the happiness scoreboard, this is probably as a result of all the positive compliments they receive literally every day. Having better careers, high social status as well as fat bank accounts could be other reasons the tall are happier.

Depending on the sport in mention,

Study shows that being tall can easily land you a date, height is again associated with being attractive for both men and women. But as tall men quickly find love, they can lose it as fast, shorter men beat them by being better sexually. It is said that shorter men are better in bed, although it is hard for them to find relationships, keeping them could be easier as they are more advantaged to meet their partners expectations albeit sexually.

Depending on the sport in mention, both heights seem to be a fit for one and a fail for another. Taller men make great basketball players while the short ones thrive best in sports like martial arts, gymnastic or diving. Unfortunately for tall people with larger surface area and a bigger distance to fall, they are more likely to suffer more injuries. Shorter people have physical advantages including ability to easily move, faster reaction time, stronger muscles not forgetting greater endurance. This enhances them in their sport of choice like athletics as well as their daily activities.

Short fellows unlike their tall counterparts

It’s interesting to note that as much as bigger individuals seem to have an upper hand in several aspects, study shows that for every centimeter in height 0.7 years is knocked off their lifespan. Big bodies equal more cells with greater risk of mutation resulting to increased chances of developing cancer. Tall men naturally have longer legs making them susceptible to gravitational pressure that could slow or temporarily stop blood flow. This makes taller persons at risk of developing blood clots which is a fatal condition. On a more positive aspect of health to height, taller men are less likely to develop diabetes as well as heart disease. Stronger hearts and bigger lungs that are proportional to the size of tall people is thought to be the reason behind the reduced risk.

Short fellows unlike their tall counterparts have a reduced negative impact on the environment. Being smaller means their water needs together with other resources are less minimizing the strain on the environment. A population of smaller persons is good for mother earth longevity. Dutch citizens are generally tall, they are so tall that their local airline had to increase space between rows of seats. As a result, the airlines had to have more planes which translated to more fuel consumption and with it came more pollution. This illustrates how height affects the environment.

Nothing is Perfect, not even Height

Height is part of you, you can’t change it and for good reasons too it’s obvious that not any particular height has it all. Embrace the positive aspect of the short you, it’s loaded with benefits that the taller ones could be secretly wishing they had. Go out there and enjoy the sports that favor your height, wear your confidence inside not in inches. Tall has its downside that can be overwhelming, yet tall is the secret longing for many short people. Accepting where, how, and who you are can give you much more happiness than any other thing you have ever imagined.

Not all big fellows are happy, small personalities occupy great offices too, it is only in first impressions that bigger people could have an edge, when everything has been said and done everyone matters.