Students who become famous in future

Students who become famous in future

Students in high schools can be grouped into three broad groups as far as academic performance is concerned, school is a place of learning where knowledge is gained. There are the students who lead in academics, they are the favorites for teachers and perform well. Some are average and the rest don’t understand, they are those who fail in school work. God distributed his resources to his children, some were given ability to earn through education, others through business. The bright students later find jobs in companies as professionals while the rest venture into business where they make their living. In most cases, business people become more aggressive to grow their empire while the employed professionals grow their career while working for others.

The average and poor students academically

The average and poor students academically later begin business empires then employ the best performing students to wok for them. Fame comes with wealth, majority of pupils who rank behind are the ones who become famous later in life. Successful businessmen and politicians could be poor academically back in high school, these are people who didn’t give up despite poor grades in school. The writer schooled with many children some of whom were poor in academics. Most of these people at the tome of writing are leading businessmen, politicians, important persons among others.

Students who become famous in future

Parents take pride in academically fit children because of good performance in school. Those whose children rank behind find it hard to cope with their children not knowing what the future holds for them. Basic high school education is good for all children but a child should be taught how to be responsible later in life. Children should not be taught just for them to pass the examinations, majority of them who pass well in examinations lead poor lives thereafter. Schools must focus on moulding children to make them great people in the future, by doing this, the school would have achieved on its objective.

Writer’s high school was among the leading schools but majority of the top performers never achieved much in life. Those whose performance was below expectations achieved a lot after school. Leading senior people in government and famous business owners were schoolmates with the writer.

Such children were hawking snacks and sweets in school because their minds were focused on trade. In high school, the area of specialization is noted in children, some start preaching, some sell goods and services to fellow colleagues while some are prefects. Potential is observed at a young age, the role of the teacher is to guide the child to become what he aspires in life.

Bad behaviors also begin at this age where some children are badly influenced, peer pressure may lead some not to realize their full potential. Parents and teachers have a duty to mentor the young generations for a better future with responsible leaders. Failure to mentor the youth may lead to a generation of leaders who just want fame without morals. Fame should come with ability to mentor, ability to guide and ability to lead.