The Richest Youtuber in The World

The Richest Youtuber in The World

Youths spend much of their leisure,today, streaming videos on YouTube, mostly for fun. Entrepreneurs who have made so much from it spent almost nothing to attain their statuses. It’s very to start the YouTube business, making money and equally making impacts. All you need, in most cases, is just internet connection, a mobile phone and your journey to a billion dollar begins. You may eventually need to acquire more professional equipment to help you beat your competitors when it comes to quality. YouTube is the home of quality videos, and by industry standard, anything less than that sees you sink the Google search engine.

Jeffrey Star, CEO of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, currently ranks the number 1 richest YouTuber on earth with an estimated $200 million net worth. This is more than four times the income of Felix Kjellberg, owner of PieDiePie who ranks number 2 with $40 million net worth. Jeff is a bunch of talents as he is also a singer and a makeup artist. Though he was born Jeffrey Lynn Steininger, the Youtuber is widely known as Jeffree Star.

His rise to stardom began when

This channel has enjoyed over 2 billion views, since its creation in 2014. Jeff promoted a makeup brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics on YouTube, helping him to gain even more followership. All this kept translating into dollars for him, since 2014 when he started a channel for that makeup brand. During that same year, Star was listed the 5th Richest YouTuber by Forbes, with about $18,000 already earned from YouTube. Right now, Jeffrey has more than 16 million YouTube subscribers.

His rise to stardom began when Jeff released interesting singles as a MySpace teenage star. Fans took note of his rare talent and fell for these videos. Jeffree’s personality, especially that unusual looks, earned him the admiralty of millions of fans, since the star was a teenager. That made it easy for people to love those songs, gladly watching those videos.

The Richest Youtuber in The World

In 2010, Akon’s record label Konvict Muzik signed him, giving him a better opportunity to show his musical talent, under a well-known brand. This opportunity came right after Jeff had, through deliberate efforts, toured the world with his songs. When Akon got into some legal problem in 2013, Star bowed out of the music scene to take up the makeup business.

One thing that could have accounted for the great growth of Jeffrey’s follow was ‘consistency’. The star understood people were already falling in love with those contents, and took advantage of that by becoming proficient. He gave them tonnes of what they loved to watch and that paid off handsomely. Fans kept clustering the internet just to know what next Star was going to drop. Right from the days when he was a MySpace teen music star to the time he began YouTube career. Jeffrey has employed this strategy.

Talking about Jefferee’s obsession with makeup, Jeff once revealed how he had stolen his mother’s eye shadow just to look like a magazine face model. That obsession would later get him jobs at weddings, fashion shows, and even helped him to work for many famous people.